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  • Is the CN Loyal product Halal certified?
    Yes, it is halal certified by JAKIM
  • Is CN LOYAL 1884 Authentic Paste vegan friendly?
    Yes, our peanut paste is vegan friendly.
  • How many flavours are there?
    Currently, there are 5 different versions of the peanut paste. Low Sugar Chunky, Low Sugar Smooth, Unsweetened Chunky, Unsweetened Smooth and Dark Chocolate Crunchy. Our R&D are working on new exciting flavours that you can find out on our website after we launch our new product.
  • What does the 1884 stands for?
    The 1884 stands for the year that the first “peanut paste” that is patented in the United States.
  • What is the difference between CN Loyal Peanut Paste and commercial peanut butter?
    CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste does not use any additives and preservatives; our peanut paste is 100% natural ingredients. This makes CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste, healthier and better for consumption.
  • Is CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste healthy?
    CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste is 100% natural with no additives, high in protein and vitamin E, and also gluten free. CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste can help to: Increase brain vitality due to the high nutrition content Make strong bones because it is high in calcium. Control obesity by giving a diet a balanced meal. Give energy as peanuts are a good energy supplement.
  • What are the ingredients in CN LOYAL 1884 Authentic Peanut Paste?
    The main ingredients that we use for the Low Sugar variety are natural ground nuts, brown sugar and pink Himalaya salt. The ingredients for the Unsweetened variety only uses 100% ground nuts without any added sugar or salt. Meanwhile for the Dark Chocolate Crunchy, we only used 100% natural ground nuts and belgian dark chocolate.
  • Is there any added oil in CN LOYAL 1884 Authentic Peanut Paste?
    No, we do not add any additional oils such as hydrogenated oils and vegetable oil. Oils that are present in the paste are from the peanuts themselves.
  • Why is there a layer of oil inside the jar?
    The oil that appears on top of the peanut paste are peanut oils from the peanuts we grind. This happens naturally overtime due to the seperation of oil and the paste. Without the oils, the peanut paste inside will taste very dry. So it is necessary for your peanut paste to have oils in them. Just stir it all up and you will get the delicious consistency for consuming.
  • How does the unsweetened version taste like?
    Unsweetened version of CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste is made of 100% high quality groundnuts therefore taste is natural flavor of peanut with full aroma and natural sweetness with no sugar and salt added.
  • How long can the paste last?
    After opened, we suggest you to consume the peanut paste as earliest and keep refrigerated for its best quality. Note that there is a best before date label for unopened jar shelf life.
  • What are the ways to consume CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste other than to spread it on bread?
    There are plenty of ways to use our CN LOYAL 1884 Peanut Paste in your kitchen. You can mix it up with your cooking and your baking needs! Add all you like to enjoy the nuttiness of our peanut paste. Try mixing some with your beverage to add flavour in them! You'll definitely love it! For recipe information, visit our recipe page for more info.
  • Where can I get the peanut paste?
    You can now purchase it on your nearest groceries such as Aeon, Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer and so on! We are also available on Shopee and Lazada. Just click the icons at the top of our website to visit them.
  • Does CN LOYAL 1884 provide any OEM services and dealership businesses?
    Yes we do, please reach us through the “Contact Us” page for further inquiry.
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